National Conference of Democrats for Life of America

July 26 - 28, 2019 / Kellogg Center in East Lansing, Michigan

All events take place in Big Ten Room B unless otherwise noted.

[updated 7/19/19]

Pre-Meeting Activities 7:00-9:00pm

Friday Evening 7:00-9:00pm Setting the Foundation

The Meaning of ‘Pro-Life for the Whole Life’

Personal Experiences of Abortion and its Aftermath

Medical Aspects of Fetal Development and Abortion

Saturday Morning 9:00-12:00pm Human Life and Dignity at Risk

Interplanetary Perspectives on the Nature of Human Life: Can Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Ever Understand One Another?

An Inconvenient Truth: Abortion and Race in America

End-of-Life Issues

Threats to the Lives and Dignity of Refugees and Immigrants

Saturday Lunch 12:00-1:30pm

Lunch is provided in the Big Ten Room for pre-registered participants only.

(Lunch can also be purchased in the State Room restaurant by walk-in and ‘Free 50’ guests.)

Saturday Afternoon 1:30-3:15pm Communicating Across Ideological Divides

Communicating Across the Pro-Life/Pro Choice Divide

Do You Have to Be a Religious Conservative to Be Pro-Life?

When Is Environmental Policy a Life Issue?

Saturday Afternoon 3:15-5:30pm Demand-Side Approaches to Abortion

Support Services for Pregnant Women and Mothers

Public Policies that Address the Demand Side of Abortion

Common Misconceptions about ‘Obamacare’

Saturday Evening 5:30-9:00pm Dinner Program in the Lincoln Room

Keynote Address

Update on Activities of Democrats for Life of America

Sunday Morning Church Services

9:00am Church services at the Kellogg Center (open to the public)

Additional places of worship in East Lansing are listed at:

Sunday Morning 10:30-12:30pm The Challenge of Being a Whole-Life Democrat

Perspectives on Being a Whole-Life Democrat

Perspectives on Recent Pro-Choice Legislation in New York

Promoting Whole-Life Policies in the Michigan Democratic Party

A series of brief updates on state chapter activities

Sunday Lunch on Your Own

For a very extensive food court with unlimited portions, visit the cafeteria on the second floor of Brody Hall, directly across from the main entrance to the Kellogg Center. Lunch can also be purchased in the conference center at the State Room restauran.

Sunday Afternoon 2:00-5:00pm Pro-Life Films and Service Organizations (open to the public)

A showing of pro-life films, information tables showcasing pro-life service organizations, and a presentation by Brandy Meeks, vice president of Abby Johnson’s ministry ‘And Then There Were None,’ which helps abortion workers leave the industry.

In lieu of an admission fee, attendees who are not registered for the conference will be asked to make a financial contribution to one of the pro-life organizations that has an information table at the conference.