FRIDAY JULY 20, 2018   The Challenge Of Being A Pro-life Democrat

3:00 pm – Registration begins

4:00 pm – Brief Welcome – Kristen Day

  • Hear Our Voices – Moderated by Chris Sullivan : Albany Rose, Amanda Perreault, Kelly Rosati and Maureen Yockey
  • Whole-Life Advocacy Is A Human Rights Cause – Pastor Arthur Porter
  • Open Food Buffet/Cash Bar
  • The DFLA Mission – Kristen Day, Executive Director of DFLA
  • The Challenge Of Being A Pro-life Democrat –  Michael Wear and Former Congressman Bart Stupak
  • Q&A Panel

SATURDAY JULY 21, 2018 – You Are Not Alone

  • 7:00 am – Registration begins
  • Poverty: Unspoken Barrier to Reproductive Healthcare – Diane Pagan
  • The Intersection between Faith, Politics, and the Whole Life Movement – Justin Giboney
  • What Is And Is Not Whole Life Healthcare – Lincoln Davis and Anna Keating
  • Freedom of Conscience- Michael Baxter, Ph. D.
  • Prolife Feminism  in 2018 – Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa
  • Countering The Abortion Lobby Narrative – Ryan Bomberger and Dr. Rachel McNair
  • And Then There Were None – speaker panel led by Founder Abby Johnson
  • The Research-Based Communication Approach To Abortion – Ryan Rysavy
  • V.I.P. Dinner – here are a few details.  The winner of the scholarship essay contest will be reading their essay.  The contestants have submitted incredibly thoughtful responses!  Recognition of Congressman Dan Lipinski, IL-3rd District. More to come!

SUNDAY JULY 22, 2018 – Doing This Together

  • 7:30 am to 8:15 am – Optional Worship Time – Select from either a Catholic Mass led by  Rev. Dr. Chrysostom Frank or a Protestant church service led by Pastor Arthur Porter.
  • Cultivating The Whole Life Movement – Robert Christian, Lauren Castillo and Terissa Bukovinac

Purpose: Traditionally, the pro-life moment has been led by, as Todd Snider best describes in song “Conservative Christian, right wing, Republican, Straight White American males.” The future of the movement is much more diverse and has helped make great strides in moving hearts and minds. Our panel represents a much more diverse movement.

  • Setting the Table: Building a Culture of Life One Relationship at at Time  – Chris Sullivan

  • State Chapters, What They Do And Why They Matter Overview – Matt Tuman, DFLA Chapter Coordinator

Break-Out Session – Select One

A. Building Up Your Local DFLA Chapter – Matt Tuman, Lois Kerschen and Denise Archuleta

B. Making A Connection With Your Legislators And Writing About Whole-Life Issues-Tom Perille, MD

C. The Legislative Process: How A Bill Becomes A Law – Kristen Day

12:00 pm – Conference Comes to A Close

Please continue to check this page for updates, thank you from the conference committee


Editor’s note:  These organizations do not discriminate based on religious/non-religious preferences.

Mother Cabrini Shrine of Golden, Colorado has compiled a comprehensive list of supportive resources for the needy. Their list includes resources for cash assistance, day care, disability assistance, employment resources, food banks, hospice, housing, medical care, mental health, senior services, shelters and veteran’s health.  This list does not include abortion services/clinics.

Please link here to access this extensive database.

Marisol Health operates two medical centers on Colorado’s Front Range that are fully equipped to help women make informed decisions about their reproductive health. Marisol Health embraces individuals and families in need with life-affirming medical care and social services. Through a special partnership with Bella Natural Women’s Care & Family Wellness, Marisol Health provides a full  range of women’s health and family health services.

Marisol Health’s medical team and social services staff work hand in hand to provide women with dignified, holistic care. The medical clinics are based on a unique continuum of care model that leverages existing resources within Catholic Charities, including shelter and housing services, family and children’s services and counseling.

Marisol Maternity, part of Marisol Human Services,  provides:

  • Shelter and basic needs
  • Life coaching
  • Pre-natal healthcare
  • Post-natal support services

Marisol Homes provide:

  • Shelter and basic needs
  • Maternity Care
  • Case management
  • Post-shelter support services
  • Post-shelter support services

String Of Pearls was created to provide a nurturing and safe place for families as they navigate the path following a fatal prenatal diagnosis that will result in the death of their baby prior to, or shortly after birth. The path between grief and hope is a difficult place to walk; our desire is to provide guidance, compassion and practical suggestions as plans to honor the life of pre-born babies are crafted. Each life has a story worth telling, and we are here for support as stories are lovingly written.

Sting Of Pearls provides coordinated care by an experienced labor and delivery nurse with personal experience in perinatal loss. String Of Pearls is a liaison between the medical community by coordinating care with perinatologists, neonatologists, obstetricians, labor and delivery nurses, and chaplains as well as suggestions in creating a birth plan that will express your wishes for your care as well as your baby.

Keepsake Packages: We are honored to provide any family facing a fatal diagnosis with a beautiful package of treasures to be used before the baby is born and materials to help collect keepsakes after.

  • Plaster kit to make hand and foot molds
  • Clay for creating hand and foot prints
  • Ornament with paint and instructions for firing
  • Journal
  • Small photo album
  • A Gift of Time by Amy Kuebelbeck and Dr. Debra Davis
  • Cabo Cream
  • A variety of books dealing with grief for parents and siblings

Contents of package may change depending on availability.

Pearl’s Story: “On the morning of March 22, 2006 our lives were changed forever. At our routine 20 week ultrasound we are informed that our precious baby girl, Pearl, has Alobar Holoprocencephaly with severe facial anomalies. We are so devastated by the news. We have 3 beautiful children and are so excited to be having our 4th. We do not know how are going to navigate our way through these uncharted waters.”  The story of sweet baby Pearl can be read here.

To learn more about String of Pearls’ Founder, Laura Huene, please link here.

Alternatives Pregnancy Center cares for Denver-area women and men in pregnancy-related crisis and offers them a meaningful alternative to abortion. Following the example of Christian love, we seek to meet their emotional, physical and spiritual needs. And we enable and encourage them to choose life every day.

Founded in 1982 as a faith-based organization, our concern is for the woman, the child, her partner and family.

We strive to maintain a Christian witness in the world by upholding biblical standards of conduct in our ministry. We also desire to educate and involve our local Christian business community and churches on the issue of abortion and its ramifications.

Every year, thousands of women in the Denver area struggle with decisions surrounding an unintended pregnancy. These women face tremendous pressure. No matter what they decide, it will have a profound effect on their life.

At Alternatives, we seek to provide a network of support so comprehensive and caring that every woman will be fully informed of her alternatives before making a decision.  Alternatives Pregnancy Center offers services free of charge to anyone who thinks she may be pregnant, is experiencing an unintended pregnancy, or is grieving due to a past abortion.  We receive contacts through our website, our 24-Hour Helpline and people who recommend Alternatives.

Crisis Intervention – Our primary aim is to provide our clients with emotional, spiritual and physical support during their time of crisis.

Convenient Clinic Locations – In addition to scheduled appointments, we accept walk-ins at all of our locations: Denver, Lakewood, Aurora, Littleton, Parker, Castle Rock and our Mobile Testing Clinic.

Pregnancy Options Counseling – We offer free pregnancy testing and ultrasound services. Through our options counseling, we provide the facts about parenting, adoption and abortion so that a woman can make a fully informed decision. We do not refer for or recommend abortion.

Ultrasound Services – Performed by a sonographer, limited Ultrasound Services are provided for women. An ultrasound can determine viability of pregnancy, gestational age and location of pregnancy.

STD Testing & Treatment – We offer free and confidential STD testing and treatment for women who need a safe place to discover the intimate facts about STDs.

Counseling After Abortion – We provide a safe place for women and men who experience conflicted emotions after an abortion. Through counseling and support groups, they learn to grieve their losses and move forward with their lives in strength.

Relationship Education – Fifty-five percent of our clients have negative pregnancy test results. We take this opportunity to discuss sexual risk avoidance and healthy relationship education, including marriage. We also serve schools, churches, parents and other community organizations by encouraging positive youth development through relationship education and The Diamond Standard Curriculum.

Qualified & Caring Staff – In addition to our professional and medical staff, we rely on volunteers to serve as client advocates. They truly become advocates for the women and men we serve through our full range of programs. We invest in client advocates with extensive training. All our staff and trained client advocates work under the direction and supervision of professional counselors, social workers and physicians.

The mission of Bella Natural Women’s Care is to embrace the dignity of women by promoting healing and wellness through a natural and scientific approach with sincere compassion for life…*

Magnificent.  A word that only begins to express a woman. From the first division of cells at conception, women are beautiful, strong, and unique. Not only can women achieve greatness, but women deserve greatness! Women are worthy of health care that recognizes these truths.

Women’s Health is Unique. Women’s Health is a uniquely delicate field of healthcare. We recognize this and strive to meet the challenges involved in the care of women. Whether you are encountering menstrual abnormalities in the teenage years, infertility after marriage, or menopausal problems later in life we respect the complex issues involved. Women deserve a personal approach to their health needs!

Respect the Dignity of the Patient. We believe that the medical solutions we offer should respect the dignity of our patients, preserve her integrity, and work in cooperation with her body. We strive to build mutual trust, and believe that a woman deserves a reverent approach to her health.