Former U.S. Congressman Lincoln Davis

Lincoln Davis is a former United States Congressman. Voters elected him to four terms in Congress as the representative for Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District. While in Congress, he was the lead sponsor for the Pregnant Women Support Act, a bill designed to assist pregnant women so that they would be more likely to carry their pregnancies to term. Although that bill did not pass when he introduced it, most of the core components were found in the final version of the Affordable Care Act under the Pregnancy Assistance Fund. Some of the programs under this provision include increased access to pregnancy counseling and grant money for ultrasound equipment.

A member of the Blue Dog Coalition while in Congress, he sat on the Committees of Appropriations, Science and Technology, Financial Services, Agriculture, and Transportation and Infrastructure during his tenure in Congress.

Before his election to Congress, he served in both chambers of the Tennessee General Assembly.

He currently works for Paramount Strategies, a government relations and strategic planning firm.