Ground Transportation Options

A map of the Michigan State University campus is available at:

Your destination is either of the following:

From Lansing Capital City Airport (Uber)

The Lansing airport is smaller and much easier to navigate than major metropolitan airports.

An Uber from the Lansing Airport to Kellogg Center or Emmons Hall should cost about $14 (7 miles).

From Detroit Metro Airport (Michigan Flyer and hotel shuttle or Uber)

The Michigan Flyer offers ground transportation from Detroit Metro Airport to East Lansing at a cost of approximately $32.

Tickets can be purchased after you land at:

Kellogg Center guests can arrange for a free shuttle from the Michigan Flyer to the Kellogg Center when they make their room reservations.

Dormitory guests can take an Uber from the Michigan Flyer to Emmons Hall (1.2 miles) for about $6. (If carrying luggage an extra block or two is not an issue, then another option would be to take the Kellogg shuttle if it happens to be there, and then walk across the road and over to the dorm.)

From East Lansing Amtrak Station (Uber)

An Uber from the East Lansing Amtrak station to Kellogg Center or Emmons Hall should cost about $6 (1 mile).

From Lansing Bus Station (city bus or Uber)

An Uber from the bus station to Kellogg Center or Emmons Hall should cost about $12.

Another option is to take a city bus (Route 1, with a transfer to either Route 15 or Route 20.) If carrying luggage a couple extra blocks is not an issue, you can take Route 1 to Harrison Rd. and then walk a couple blocks south to Kellogg Center or Emmons Hall.

See Trip Planner | CATA for more information about bus routes from ‘CATA Transportation Center’ to ‘Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center.’

Arriving by Car

Parking is available in the Kellogg Center parking garage. (Parking is free for Kellogg Center guests, and there is a discounted rate of $4/day for other conference participants. To get this discounted rate, you need to pay at the conference registration table.)

Free outdoor parking is also available in Lot 15 a couple blocks south of the hotel and dormitory. (Lot 15 is reached by driving through Ramp 7, which is on Harrison Rd. south of Kalamazoo St.)